Peruvian Streetseller 2

€ 350,00

Gegevens advertentie

Photograph made in 2018 during a photography trip to Peru. Along the road side this woman was selling objects. The picture was made in consent and the female was paid for it. This picture is one of a series of two.
The picture has as dimensions: 39 Hight and 59 width and is nicely framed in a black frame.
The numbering is 1/10 so only 10 will be sold. The picture is signed by Rob Klouth.

Meer informatie

Advertentie geplaatst: 11.09.2023
Naam: Rob Klouth
Adres: Jacob de Rijkhof 10
Postcode: 1067 TN
Woonplaats: Amsterdam
Telefoon: 0653678078

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